XJTLU CSSE Opens Nocturus Block Chain Lab

The XJTLU CSSE department is pleased to announce the creation of the Nocturus Block Chain Lab, in conjunction with Nocturus Corporation, a US company with Suzhou offices. This lab will be managed by Dr. Charles Fleming, also CTO of Nocturus, and Dr. Xin Wang and will focus on solving fundamental research problems in block chain technologies.  As an industry collaborative partnership, the lab will house several Nocturus engineers, as well as interns and postgraduate students from XJTLU.

The creation of this lab was made possible by a generous give of 1.2 million RMB by Nocturus to the University, with matching funds will be provided by XJTLU in the form of equipment and approximately 200m2 of lab space.   Additionally, the University and Nocturus will receive another matching donation from the SIP Technology Development fund, which provides funding to tech start-ups in the Suzhou Industrial Park area.

The Block Chain Lab space is currently under renovation, and we expect it to open in mid-April.